Trashr sensors are rugged and reliable. The hardware we use is industry rated, and proven to withstand tough conditions, while keeping the signal alive, 99% of the time.

Location Tracking

Trashr sensors track container location. Always know where your containers are, as well as their current status.

Always available

Trashr sensors report live fill level, so you always know if your dumpsters are full, at a glance.


Trashr sensor systems are heavily customizable, to handle unqiue waste situations.

Ultrasonic Measuring

Ultrasonic sensors create precise sound profiles of the dumpsters they're monitoring, to ensure accuracy.


Trashr sensors send alerts when measurements are out of schedule. Get notified about anomalies in your system.


Trashr sensors are durable and reliable, secured in dumpsters to withstand 3600PSI, and a battery life of 5 years.