Finding solutions, analyzing data, saving resources.



  • Modular design fits any environment, any dumpster

  • Calculates container fill, accurate to 1 cm

  • Weatherproof with lifetime warranty

  • Cellular connectivity for 99.9% up time


  • Real time fill % reporting

  • Customizable alerts
  • Optimized pickup routes

  • Analytics and metrics geared for effective initiatives

Why Us?

Differences that put us on a tier above our competitors.


TRASHR optimizes your waste management operations by using advanced data analytics.


You will be saving money in no time with TRASHR sensors that are non invasive and require minimal setup.

Fully Responsive

TRASHR makes an impact; our dashboard is intuitive and provides real time data on your business.

Eco Friendly

TRASHR saves you time and reduces emissions by using heuristics to efficiently allocate resources.

Easy Access

Our mobile friendly and intuitive dashboard coordinates between drivers and management, ensuring efficiency from start to end.

Humans in mind

We've built our product with people in mind by making waste collection and routing as easy on employees as possible.

Team Members

Hartley Leroy


“Business Lead, Head designer.”

Goutham Subramanian

Technical Lead

“Manager, Electrical design.”

Nick Conlon

Senior Architect

“DevOps and AI Developer.”

Nickolas Sischo


“UI/UX Developer.”